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Just as the body needs all its parts to work together, we, too are driven by collaboration and unity.

Located in the heart of England, but reaching far beyond, we’re all about community. That’s why we’re passionate about extending a helping hand to those in need. We're here for you, standing with you, embodying the spirit of unity and support.

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Here, we nurture homegrown talent. We have created a hub where individuals are empowered to reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.


Coventry, also known as the city of culture, attracts academic, and professional talent nationwide. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where they can flourish, inspiring visitors to become resident ambassadors serving the local community, and empowering them to create a better future.


Our students have:

  • Achieved academic excellence year after year with record-breaking grades across the West Midlands

  • Guided by Biblical teachings, continued to be a positive influence within their schools and homes displaying the wisdom and knowledge

  • Extended their creativity into their homes, schools and careers


Our entrepreneurs have:

  • Become pillars of the community, creating job opportunities for people within and around Coventry

  • Supported multiple industries within manufacturing, health, beauty, catering and hospitality

  • Sponsored events, aiding the growth and well-being of the community

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Our welfare team:

  • Provides meals and hygiene essentials for the homeless and less fortunate

  • Offers specialised rapid on-hand support to those in distress

  • ⁠Are readily available to support the local and wider community


Our families:

  • Proudly represented Coventry in professional sports showcasing their talent and dedication from the Children’s International Games to the Olympics

  • Demonstrated resilience and solidarity during challenging times, standing together to overcome adversity and build a stronger, more compassionate community

  • Are your nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, business leaders and more!



Formerly known as Genesis International Christian Centre UK, Marpe Assembly emerged in 2008 with a renewed vision and purpose, in line with Luke 7:7.

As revealed to Reverend Prince Adu-Boahene: true reconciliation to God cannot be achieved without addressing the deep wounds and brokenness within each one of us [Mark 5:1-20.]

Now, healing and restoration are at the heart of our new identity!


At Marpe Assembly, we’re all about making an impact.

Our mission is to bring you the real, raw and undiluted word of God.

We don’t shy away from the truth of the word, with dynamic preaching, and inspiring signs and wonders.

So, whether you’re joining us online or in person, look forward to a truly transformative experience.


To confirm their callings, effectively use giftings to bless humanity and set a foundational culture of discipline, self-control and responsibility, all leaders who serve in pulpit-based ministries have all passed through the rigorous Marpe School of Ministry!

We go the extra mile to ensure we are a TRUE centre for healing and education; bringing wholeness into people’s lives under God’s wing.


Marpé is a Hebrew word that refers to the complete healing of the total man; spirit, soul and body.

Our name may have changed but the vision of Genesis remains at our core with a deeper emphasis on true Christ-ward reconciliation through genuine healing and restoration.

We aim to fully and truly reconcile mankind back to God

We achieve this in our clear 2-part mandate

  1. Proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (kerygma)

  2. Demonstrate spiritual power (charismata) to effect healing of the soul, spirit and body


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