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About Us


Marpe Assembly of all nations was formerly known as Genesis International Christian Centre UK. The Genesis mandate was expressed in reconciling lost man to God (2 Cor 5:18-20).  However, when the Lord visited His servant Reverend Prince Adu-Boahene in 2008, against the background of the earlier prophetic visitation in 2000, in relation to the Luke 7:7 mandate; the need to change and update the identity of the church to Marpe Assembly of all nations arose. The revelation is that lost man cannot be truly reconciled to God without healing and restoration (Mark 5:1-20).


Marpé is a Hebrew word that refers to healing of the total man; spirit, soul and body. Whilst not a deviation from the original vision of genesis, Marpe reaffirms the original vision but includes healing and restoration as essential part of the reconciliation process. Marpe assembly of all nations is mandated then to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (kerygma) and to demonstrate spiritual power (charismata) to effect healing of the soul, spirit and body; that man may be fully and truly reconciled to God.


Marpe seeks to profoundly impact the lives of all those who walk through its doors be it physical doors or online.  Through the active and confrontational preaching of the holy word of God backed by mighty signs and wonders to demonstrate and affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the daily affairs of humanity.

To this end, frequent adult and children bible class is a cornerstone of Marpe Assembly.


All leaders who have any kind of pulpit ministry have passed through the Marpe School of Ministry to confirm their callings and gifting and to instil discipline, self-control and responsibility in them; that they may be effective in the dispensing of the blessings of their gifts to others. Marpe seeks to be a centre for healing and education to bring wholeness into people’s lives under God’s wing.

Membership Objectives

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