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Ladies of

God is in the business of healing and restoring women and equipping them for their kingdom purpose. And that, through Him, is what Ladies Of Influence exists to do as well.

We welcome you with open arms. We have ladies from all backgrounds and ages. We meet on the first Friday of every month. The aim of our meetings is to provide a place for ladies to draw closer to God through study of the Word, prayer, mentoring and fellowship. Some of the topics we cover include: The Fruits of the Spirit, Prayer, Seasons of the heart, Relationships, Singleness, Marriage life, Raising children, Pursuing your dreams, Hair and Beauty, Diet, Exercise and much more!



Our objectives are to empower the Christian woman to:Impart the knowledge of the Word of God to challenge and change the woman's imposed and miscalculated identity and image of herself. 2 Tim 2v15; Colossians 2v7-8

Rise above life's situations, the stigma and limitations society has placed on them as a result of being a woman. Colossians 2v6-10


Discover the purpose of a woman's life in marriage, family, the church, career and the world at large. Proverbs 31 v 10-29

Begin to do exploits for God that through this ministry, women shall assume their role and emulate the exploits of many biblical virtuous women like Deborah, Esther, Ruth etc and contemporary accomplished women in trade, politics etc to the fullness of their God given potential. Daniel 11v32

Spread the message and Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and thus fulfil the great commission which is a command. Mark 16 v15-16

Daughter, your faith has made you whole

Mark 5:34

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