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The Holistic Care Orphanage in Malawi is a stand-alone Faith based organization established in June 2005. The Holistic Care Orphanage aims to implement a number of programs such as;


- providing home based care service,

- empowering widows/youths and vulnerable people to be independent,

- providing infant education to orphan’s and vulnerable children

The support we provide is used for the Orphans & Vulnerable Children Nursery School. With around 65 children of the ages of 2 to 5 years old we know that the help is greatly needed as it is appreciated.


Jesus Centre

As we are based in Coventry, England we are actively engaged with the community. Our current community project is aimed at the homeless community in Coventry. This is executed through the ‘Your Space’ programme hosted at the Jesus Centre on Friday. The ‘Your Space’ programme gives us opportunity to socialise, eat and play games with the homeless. The Jesus Centre is based in the city centre of Coventry offering friendship and help to all regardless of their faith or lack of it being open to all communities.

We work overseas with a number of countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. In Zimbabwe we liaise with the Bumhudzo Hospital Home providing food and items deemed necessary in the running of the hospital. The Bumhudzo Hospital Home is a place where the elderly are able to receive free health care and help with any issues they may face. In Zambia we support the Matero Aftercare Centre by providing food and items that give help to the community. Whilst staying in regular contact with them through letters and phone calls. Our help is not only physical but, also spiritual with prayer and intercession for the organizations and their nations. That the Lord may strengthen, guide and uphold the organizations and the people, so they may be able to provide and look after those in need.

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