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Dr. Leanne Jaye Adeyemi

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Focused on touching lives, renewing minds, and impacting nations, RENAISSANCE FRIDAYS explores the encounters and conversion stories of believers and ministers of the gospel to inspire listeners to practical faith. it airs live every Friday at 6:30PM UK time. Tune in for inspiring life stories that will challenge your faith and walk with God 

Patricia Bogle

Anytime Anywhere


As a very exciting youth focused programme, YOUTHBEAT discusses a variety of issues that affects young people in the church. It touches on controversial topics that are not usually preached in the pulpits of our churches. It airs twice a week on Mondays at 7:30PM UK time. It is alternately presented by three dynamic hosts whose diverse personalities, and nationalities ensures a broad range of topics that reflects different cultures and perspectives as expressed through the UK Christian youth worldview

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Jessica & Chinonso

Our Journeys through education take many routes from early years to university. ACADEMIC CROSSROADS is here to explore key elements to help equip you along the way. Join us and our special guests as we also discuss the expected and unexpected paths including all the challenges and triumphs while gathering your academic top tips. This show airs live every Monday at 6:30PM UK time. Tune in for useful academic top tips!

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