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The Decision

Jesus saved my life,

And I'll never forget it,

I tried to run away from God but now we're on the same team,

I used to go to church,

Until the age of sixteen,

But I was.. too old for that I'd rather smoke trees,

In the black abyss,

Typical black label,

Making jealous decisions,

Cane murdering Abel,

And so I made a choice,

I put my light under the table,

And gave up on the King of Kings as if He wasn't able,

I was such a young boy,

(Thank God I found joy)

Chilling with the ungodly,

Nobody could stop me,

Until I met this girl,

She was from a strange world,

She was sent.. on a mission,

To a boy who wouldn't listen.. to wisdom,

But Jesus was the difference,

She was.. watering the seed,

Buried.. deep inside'a me,

I thought my faith was too weak.. insignificant,


I was twenty-two.. in my room,

Decided to accept it,

I would never turn back and,

And never regret it.


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