Welfare and COVID-19

If you are in need please do not stay silent, contact our dedicated Welfare Team who will aim to help you through your situation.

Contact Numbers: 0747 888 7474 / 0795 579 7684



Our welfare committee has been carefully selected to represent the

multi-nationality and diverse multi-cultural practices of all members of our church. Marpe Assembly members are categorised into sections. Each region has a representetive in the Welfare ministry.


West Africa

East Africa

Southern Africa



The welfare committee has been set up to promote spiritual, moral and physical well-being of our church members.

To promote unity and deep fellowship among members.

To promote peace among members- through conflict resolution.

To promote stability of new and old members by way of frequent follow-up calls and visits when necessary.

To take up concerns of members with regard to issues affecting the church.

Co-ordinate all private events and programmes with the church such as weddings, parties, funerals and sickness.