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2-4 years

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      Our infant and toddler group is held      in Eden where the children are free to play and interact with each other as they grow in God's grace. It is wonderful to observe this stage of their development hence parents especially new comers /visitors are welcome to sit in to ensure their child/children are comfortable.

As a ministry we believe in training up a child in the way he/she should go and so   we provide more than just a basic               nursery or play place but include                 various tailored activities aimed at                promoting the bible knowledge and                 spiritual growth.

                Class Activity/Teaching

     Children in this age group are always moving about so with the use of repetitive activities and routines like sing alongs we are able to build on their skills and confidence.
    Recitations of phrases with actions help to keep them           engaged.

                     We highly encourage prayer so 
this                                       incorporated in their schedule at the

                                   beginning and end up

                                           of the day.

               Most of their learning is facilitated via their                  senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing and seeing),          so their activities are planned to enhance their sensory    experience in a way that connects the children to God and His Word.
We include  activities like using playdoh and building blocks, and  teachers often dress up in costumes to aid visual learning and consolidate early memories of Bible stories through their senses.

Our children come to the room with the

expectation of having fun enjoying

themselves in the presence of God.

So our classroom is set with age

   appropriate toys and items for

        free play.

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